We are glad you have found your way to our blog! We are two gals who loves traveling for dancing experiences and explore. Can’t forget to mention that we are both vegetarian-vegan too. So So and Marvella is our names and through this blog we will share our love of dance, food, and cultural experiences while traveling. Don’t be shy to get in contact with us maybe we can meet somewhere and explore together!

We like to travel in a budget and in a very spontaneous/causal way, but we still enjoy everything we want and we do with in style. What we really love to do is meet locals and truly insert and and blend in their culture. However, we are not your typical travelers who like to go to museums, hangout in touristic locations or act & dress up like tourist. We love to do things as if we were native to the place we are visiting at the moment, because it makes everything so much more exciting! You can follow us and see what’s happening in our day to day lives or in our foreign adventures!

P.S : English is our second language so be patient with us. All we want to share with all of you is our amazing journeys!


– You may want to start dancing ( while getting in shape)
– You may want to party more
– You may want to quit your job and travel, that way we might meet in person too! Yay!
– You may go veganeven! Even if you love your animal products ( we are both practicing  vegan/veganism now and we both did love meat before)
– You may want to meet new people
– You may want to keep things simple ( Marvella: I will have giveaways like my clothing several times, so don’t  miss out! So so lives with less material stuff and her budget plan is brilliant! )
– You may laugh with us :)

These will be the outcomes of reading and following Dance Eat Travel Style / Social Media Channels.

So, If you are still here.. just come visit us again, leave your comments and suggestions, and be our friend!

YOU are welcome!
Talk soon.

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